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About Us

The feel-good PR agency that prioritises positivity and works exclusively with better brands


[Lem-uhn] is a communications agency for the modern age. We grow brands that have a positive ethos and the power to make the world a better place.

We are building a happier type of agency that embodies a healthier way of working by using efficient and modern practices. We believe work should be a place for people to come together in a positive environment and we promote positive mental well-being. This translates into high-quality and reliable work for our clients because happy people can do their best work.

What makes us different

Glass Half-Full Perspective

We prioritise your positive positioning. Our campaigns showcase to your audience how your product could improve their lives

Technology and Efficiency

Too many agencies don't use modern technology, meaning manual work, high bills and stressed staff

Honesty and Openness

We'd rather set and maintain realistic expectations with clients, and leave out any PR 'white lies'

Happiness matters

90% of agency staff struggle with stress. Happy staff can do their best work and give clients reliability

Sustainability matters

We're facing an urgent climate crisis. We are carbon neutral and will be net-zero by 2030

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