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We're looking for confident and ambitious individuals to join our team to help build a better type of PR agency

Do you love PR but are sick of the long hours and impact on your mental wellbeing? Lem-uhn is creating a happier type of agency that embodies a healthier way of working by using efficient and modern practices. We believe work should be a place for people to come together in a positive environment, so we focus on promoting positive mental wellbeing. 

Do you want to start loving Monday's? Send your CV/LinkedIn profile along with a short paragraph about why you think you’re the ideal candidate to


We understand balancing a full-time job with job applications can be hard, and initially, we think a short introduction will give us an idea of what you’re all about without giving up too much of your precious time.

If we don’t have any open vacancies below we'd still love to hear from you and we will be in touch when a relevant role is available.

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