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The feel-good PR agency that cares.


A Better Type of Agency

Long hours, a huge workload and a poor work environment - it’s no wonder you’re stressed. 


You spend 47% of the time you’re awake during the week working. That’s 7.5 hours a day. If you’re one of the 27% of UK PR professionals who work unpaid extra hours every day, then this will be a lot higher.


You're overworked with your agency prioritising profits over people. You're not alone. 91% of PR professionals struggled with their mental health in the past year.


Shouldn’t your workplace contribute to your happiness?

Are you tired of working for bad brands? We are the feel-good PR agency for brands that care. You could end each week knowing you’ve made a positive impact.


We work with our employees to build a better workplace. Right now, this looks like…

The Benefits You Actually Want

Rested employees are more productive. We have 36 days of holiday annually. 23 days of annual leave, two Wellness Days for last-minute self-care, and a Christmas shutdown.


New experiences prepare our employees to serve our clients better. Our Work From Anywhere Policy lets employees work up to 45 days per year outside the UK.

We believe people who experience debilitating menstrual pain shouldn’t be penalised. Our Menstrual Policy provides flexible working solutions plus up to ten days' leave for debilitating periods or menopause symptoms and pregnancy loss.

Tropical Beach
Trees and Mountains

Go Green With Us

We are proudly carbon-negative. Sustainability has been a priority since day one. We monitor our carbon impact monthly and implement changes to reduce our carbon footprint.


We subscribe to Treepoints, a platform that funds carbon offset projects, tree-planting, plastic removal and community projects.  Each month, we pay to offset each of our team’s impact. In 2023, we became carbon-negative.


We are also members of Clean Creatives and have begun our journey to become a B Corp.

Happier people perform better. And we want you to join us on our mission to create a happier world. Take a look at our open roles below. If you don’t see anything relevant get in touch as we’re always looking for creative candidates who care about creating a happier world.

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