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Why you’re fading into the background in a crowded market

Updated: Apr 29

It’s 2023. People have been creating new brands and inventing new products for a thousand years. According to the internet, the first company was created in 578 AD in Japan. Kongō Gumi operated independently for 1,400 years before becoming a subsidiary of Takamatsu Kensetsu in 2006. This means differentiating your company is harder than ever. Blending into the masses of companies in your industry will result in slow sales, a lack of new customers and original customers choosing to shop elsewhere.

Not showing why you’re different or better

A successful company should either be different or do something better than its competitors. This is the first step, but you need to ensure that your target audience knows this. Your marketing needs to position you as unique and the best in your category.

It’s one thing to say this, but think how many times companies have told you this themselves and how many of these you’ve believed. You need unbiased and trusted voices who do the talking for you. Securing your place in product round-ups and feature reviews from journalists will position your products as at the top of your industry.

Not sharing your unique brand values

There are 334 million companies in the world. You need to present your case for why consumers should choose your brand. People buy from brands, not products. Put yourself in their place, you need a new pair of trainers. Would you choose a brand you don’t know or from one of your trusted brands?

The first step is having ace branding and a unique value proposition. Crucially, the next is making sure people know about it. Fantastic branding and values are nothing if no one knows about them. PR builds trusted recommendations, but what often is forgotten is the education piece. A PR strategy needs to shout about your positive values. Regular campaigns that embody these will grow your brand positioning, allow people to form a relationship with your brand and in turn increase your brand trust, customers and sales.

Not optimising your SEO

Most of the 334 million companies in the world will have an online presence. Search can either be your best or worst form of customer acquisition depending on your SEO. Poor SEO could be losing you millions of potential customers who search for a company in your industry and find your competitors instead.

Organic link-building and online brand mentions will increase the likelihood of your website appearing at the top of search results. Your marketing strategy needs to be clued up on what search algorithms account for to improve your SEO. Algorithms are continuously getting more clever. Fast tricks to build your SEO will often get you caught out, if not now then in a few months with the latest launch.

The power of PR

PR is your tool to educate your target audience on why your brand and products are different. At a time, when every industry is crowded, PR is your tool to differentiate your company.

If this resonates with you, you can book a free PR Strategy Audit with us. We’ll analyse your strategy and suggest how it could be optimised.

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