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Why you’re not securing investment

Now is one of the most challenging times to secure investment. You’re facing a boiling pot of factors which means that there were the least VC investments in five years in Q3 of 2022 and global investments declined for the third consecutive quarter.

But there were still 7,817 deals made with $87 billion invested globally in Q2 of 2022. How did these companies secure investment when times are difficult? The companies proved they’re a safe bet. The factors that influence a company's failure are exaggerated during tough economic times. Investors want to mitigate risky investments that could lose them money. You need to prove you and your company are worth investing in.

I’ve never heard of them…

Brand trust is key now more than ever for companies seeking investment. Investors need to have seen your company as the greater the brand awareness the greater the trust. I recently met a business owner for the second time who mentioned that due to my presence on LinkedIn, he felt as though he knows me well. It’s the same with brands. When a person sees your company they build trust.

You also need to be positioning your brand in a positive light. The saying goes all PR is good PR. But for investors, you need to shine the light on the positive work your company is doing and position your product in the best way. At Lem-uhn, we’re experts at this. PR frames your story with topical stories that share your company’s values while raising brand awareness for your company.

People invest in people

Investors are people. They consider the people behind your company and make a decision on their investment if they believe the person is a good investment, not just the company.

What goes on before someone chooses to invest in anything? They research it. Consider the research you do when hiring. You read a candidate's CV, you check their LinkedIn, you ask for a reference, and you may even search for them online in case there’s something you ought to know before investing in them for your company. It’s the same with investors. They want a reliable investment.

If a blank page comes up when they search for the leaders of your company, they don’t have the reassurance that your company is a safe bet. You need to have a presence online that shows you as a reliable investment. Unbiased earned media articles show this with unpaid journalists willing to showcase you as an expert in your field.

Not maximising your value to potential investors

Ahead of an investment your profile needs to be emphasised to maximise your value to potential investors. You need to prove you’re competing with your biggest competitors and have the potential to dominate your industry.

Investing in your marketing strategy the year before you announce a fundraising round or an IPO is essential. Many brands wait until after their investment as they have increased funds, but this strategy is detrimental to a successful fundraise.

PR and Marketing Strategy Audit

If you want to secure investment within the next year you can book a PR and Marketing Strategy Audit. It’s a quick, free call for us to assess your strategy and outline where your strategy needs adjusting and what’s possible in the next 90 days.

If this is you, you can book a call here.

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