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Lem-uhn is the feel-good PR agency for brands that care. Positive PR that converts.


Positive PR Strategy and Results That Reel In Revenue

Your customers are exhausted from being sold to. Adverts don’t pack a punch but are skipped and ignored. PR uses powerful psychological marketing to grab your customers' attention while they absorb your brand’s messaging.


A changemaker like you needs to educate your audience on why they need you. Our feel-good PR formula informs, educates and drives change. We create a movement. And this all leads to zesting up your sales.


A clever brand like yours will have clever customers. Customers who care. Customers who shop with like-minded ethical brands. You need a PR agency that knows how to drive your growth as you make the world a better place.

Why You Need Positive PR

You care. And your PR agency should too.


294 PR and advertising agencies work for the fossil fuel industry. Countless more partner with brands damaging people, the planet and our future.


91% of PRs experienced poor mental health in the past year. They’re overworked, stressed and burnt out. This isn’t a sudden trend. The results remain the same year after year.


PR should positively position you. Why risk a brand disaster by aligning with an unethical partner?


Why Lem-uhn

We’re a team of PR experts who know how to earn emerging and established brands their space in the press. Our creativity, ingenuity and experience get you in the media without hefty advertising fees. We make Lem-uhnade.

Lemon Tree

Zesting Up Your Sales With The Lem-uhn Method©

PR is 100 years old, but its practices shouldn’t be.

Modern PR practices = more impactful results.


You shouldn’t have to choose between digital and traditional PR. Backlink building. Magical messaging. Our strategic approach will convince your customers that you outshine your competitors while whizzing your website up in search results.


We don’t make a meal out of measuring. You should be able to see our PR impact on your business performance, not just how you’ll make a splash in the media. Our evaluation tool will show you Positive PR converts.


Trusted by household names and startups alike, we practice what we preach.


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Happy people perform better

Rested employees are more productive. We have 36 days holiday. 23 days of annual leave, two wellness days for last-minute self-care, and a Christmas shutdown. Employees also gain one additional day of annual leave for every year they are with us, up to five additional days.


New experiences prepare our employees to serve our clients better. Our Work From Anywhere Policy lets employees work up to 45 days per year outside the UK.


We believe people who experience debilitating menstrual pain shouldn’t be penalised. Our Menstrual Policy provides flexible working solutions plus up to ten days' leave for debilitating periods or menopause symptoms and pregnancy loss.

We are proudly carbon-negative. Sustainability has been a priority since day one. We monitor our carbon impact monthly and implement changes to reduce our carbon footprint. We subscribe to Treepoints, a platform that funds carbon offset projects, tree-planting, plastic removal and community projects. Each month, we pay to offset each of our team’s impact. In 2023, we became carbon-negative. We are also members of Clean Creatives and have begun our journey to become a B Corp.

Yoga in Nature

“The team at Lem-uhn are incredible, they blow all other PR agencies out of the water. A fantastic, hard-working, personable and firmly results-driven agency."

Amelia Peckham, Co-founder and CEO, Cool Crutches & Sticks

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