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Helping companies that care to create change with our sensational services.

Press Office + Newsroom

Communicating a brand’s story
with our network of journalists,
and acting as the press office
for your brand

SEO Strategy

Outreach focused on improving
your SEO by adding high
quality and relevant backlinks,
as well as creating SEO
enabled blogs

Influencer Strategy



Creative PR Strategy

We’re a bunch of creative minds who love storytelling with innovative ideas. Just as a twist of lemon adds flavour to a dish, our creative strategies add zest to your PR campaigns.

Using storytelling, data analysis and a sprinkling of ingenuity we combine the magical messaging of traditional PR and the sensational SEO benefits of digital PR to make your sales soar.

Your PR should pack a positive punch. We use behavioural change strategy to convince consumers why they should shop with you. We take lemons and make Lemuhn-ade.

Press Office + Reactive PR

Cuts to journalist teams and the fast-changing social landscape mean topical stories are a priority. If your PR agency isn't providing reactive PR as standard then you are losing out on opportunities and flushing sales down the drain.


Our Yellow PR Partnerships include us acting as your always-on press office. We'll access specialist platforms to source reactive PR opportunities straight from journalists. Our team is constantly monitoring the news to source news stories we can jump on to position you as a thought leader in your industry. We’ll also manage your press office to ensure communication delays don’t mean you lose out on opportunities.

Paint and Brush
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The Best of The Rest

Product Seeding - Do you have a positive product? We’ll get it in front of the right journalists for review features that convert.


Corporate Communications - With great purpose comes great responsibility. You need to show the faces behind your brand to show you have people and the planet in mind. We’ll help you put your best foot forward with media training, business profiles and corporate representation management.


Influencer Engagement - Borrow the influence of the world’s biggest changemakers. We’ll target authentic influencers that reach your target audience and can make a big impact.

Consultancy - A poor marketing strategy could be harming your PR efforts. We provide an external expert eye on your strategy to assess the tweaks required to unlock greater growth. We’ll also connect you with industry experts to continue your journey to the marketing hall of fame.

Yellow PR

Royal, Honey and Mellow Yellow. Our unique approach means we have PR support for every need. From putting yourself on journalists' radar to becoming a go-to name, driving your SEO ranking and in turn zesting up your sales, one of our Yellow PR partnerships will suit you.


Not sure which is right for you? Get in touch and we’ll assess your needs and recommend the best fit for you.

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