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Lem-uhn launches new PR retainers to support startups to thrive through tough economic times

Two in three UK marketing professionals have reported budget cuts in recent months due to rising costs. At Lem-uhn we are aware that current economic difficulties mean budgets need to be cut across the business. We want to ensure businesses can survive and thrive. We have therefore introduced a new tiered system for our PR retainer packages to ensure start-ups can reach their potential within a budget range that suits their needs.

Agency budgets can often be the first to be cut. However, PR has a significant ROI with one of our clients generating £6,657 of sales in the first month alone from one inclusion in a product round-up. During tempestuous times for businesses, it is more important than ever to have the counsel of a team of PR professionals acting as an extension of your team. Marketing and communications strategies can be altered cohesively with the changing needs of the business and its consumers.

What PR retainer is right for your startup?

We understand that PR is not a one-size-fits-all. Startups can be from a one-person operation to a team of 99. With this budgets will differ and we want to provide an option to fit every startup budget. From putting yourself on journalists' radar to becoming a go-to name for media coverage and sky-rocketing your sales and SEO ranking.

Ease yourself in with Mellow Yellow

To dip your toes into PR our Mellow Yellow package is perfect for providing support for those breaking into the world of PR and putting a business on the media's radar. When selecting this package the Lem-uhn team will devise a clear concept linking key aspects of the business to the media landscape to produce one press release per month that will be shared with our extensive list of journalist contacts. For a lower cost than hiring a PR professional in-house, our team of specialists will consistently share reactive comment opportunities linked to the business, generating additional coverage. The package includes fortnightly reporting as well as monthly meetings to measure results effectively.

Keep it classic with Honey Yellow

Our most popular package Honey Yellow is an investment that allows you to feel the benefits of a larger ROI in PR. The Honey Yellow package boasts two carefully crafted press releases per month as well as continuous reactive pitching to journalists. Our team scans the media carefully for trends in the news agenda related to your brand to ensure we are consistently appealing to journalists, utilising a variety of story angles. Acting as an always-on press office we react promptly to inbound requests from journalists using a dedicated PR messaging doc. Weekly and quarterly reporting as well as fortnightly calls ensure we cohesively measure results and gain your industry insight whilst sharing business updates.

Remarkable results with Royal Yellow

Ready to take the leap by investing in a PR strategy? We act as the brand voice in the media ensuring a positive reflection of the brand across different channels. With a detailed PR calendar built out with three stories per month, the royal yellow package accelerates the brand voice to be heard across the media. As well as continuing to spot reactive and relevant opportunities, the royal yellow package takes a deep dive into the results generated as well as analysing competitors and trends quarterly. We also share regular updates from weekly calls and monthly in-person meetings to continuously strategise for optimum publicity.

Get in touch with the team at for pricing and further information.

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