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Lem-uhn Launches Royal, Honey and Mellow - PR Support For Every Need

Updated: Apr 29

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You're tired of agencies being secretive about what they could offer you. We believe you deserve better. PR is also not a one-size-fits-all. We're aware of this, and have launched Yellow PR to provide a PR fit for every need. Mellow, Honey and Royal Yellow. From putting yourself on journalists' radar to becoming a go-to name, driving your SEO ranking and in turn zesting up your sales, one of our Yellow partnership options will suit you. In our initial consultation, we'll take a bespoke look at your needs and provide a fit for you.

Reactive PR is powerful. Cuts to journalist teams and the fast-changing social landscape mean topical stories are a priority. If your PR agency isn't providing reactive PR as standard then you are losing out on opportunities and flushing sales down the drain. Our Yellow PR Partnerships include us acting as your always-on press office. We'll access specialist platforms to source reactive PR opportunities straight from journalists. Our team is constantly monitoring the news to source news stories we can jump on to position you as a thought leader in your industry.

Mellow Yellow: Sharing your story with our network of journalists to secure influential results

You're new to PR but want to increase your brand awareness, trust and communicate your value leading to reeling in more revenue. If you shouted yes, then Mellow Yellow is the partnership for you. We'll use creative storytelling to begin putting you on the media's radar. Each month, we'll create one cool campaign to share with our network of journalist contacts. Fortnightly reporting and monthly meetings will keep us on track and let us adjust our strategy for more impactful results where necessary.

Honey Yellow: An in-depth analysis of your company and its audience to place your company in effective media transferring to effective results.

You'll have the magic of Mellow Yellow plus the benefits of Honey Yellow to let you feel the benefits of a larger ROI. We'll put the groundwork in to make sure you're featured in media consumed by your key target audience to squeeze the most from your PR and Media Strategy. PR Strategy Audits, Media Analysis, Customer Analysis and Profiling - steps we'll take to help you reel in more revenue. You'll have two creative campaigns pitched to the media each month. You are the best spokesperson for your brand. We'll have you telling consumers why they should buy with you with relevant interviews and podcasts secured for your leadership team. Fortnightly and quarterly in-depth reporting combined with fortnightly calls ensure we cohesively measure results and gain your industry insight whilst sharing business updates.

Royal Yellow: Positioning you as a leader in the space and accelerating SEO

Want to accelerate your growth, SEO and for us to handle all of your PR? Then, the Royal Yellow partnership is for you. You'll experience the magic of Mellow and the highs of Honey plus the radiance of Royal Yellow. We act as the brand voice in the media ensuring a positive reflection of the brand across all relevant areas of the media for maximum impact. Our content team will create creative campaigns that make a splash. Two in-depth reports will be hosted on your website combined with concise press releases to be pitched to our network of journalists. The reports push journalists to backlink to your website and improve your SEO. Do you want to be award-winning? We'll find and complete award entry applications including copywriting to make this happen. You will also have us for all your PR copywriting needs with byline and Q&A copywriting. We'll make you a industry leader with relevant speaking opportunities. Are you fading into a crowded market? Quarterly Competitor Analysis and Trend Reports will make you stand out ahead of your competitors. Weekly calls will keep us on track and let us adjust our strategy for improved results.

Get in touch with the team at for pricing and further information.

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