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We are Lem-uhn

The feel-good PR agency for brands that care.

As an award-winning PR agency for purposeful brands, we’re here to zest up your PR strategy to drive positive change and produce seriously juicy results. 

Based in London and remotely, we’re a small yet highly skilled team specialising in positive PR and creative comms.


Blended PR - The best of both worlds.

Combining traditional and digital PR techniques, we take a blended approach to PR to bolster brand awareness and elevate your online presence. 

We provide a plethora of PR services to help positive change-making brands enhance their marketing, from reactive PR strategies to creative campaigns and compelling data-driven pieces.

Lemon Tree

“The team at Lem-uhn are incredible, they blow all other PR agencies out of the water. A fantastic, hard-working, personable and firmly results-driven agency."

Amelia Peckham, Co-founder and CEO, Cool Crutches & Sticks

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Looking for purposeful PR that converts? 

Book a free 15-minute PR Strategy Consultation or contact us to see how we can work together. 


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