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A Blended Agency

The best of traditional and digital PR

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Why Choose?

You shouldn’t have to choose between digital and traditional PR. Backlink building. Magical messaging. Our blended approach provides you with the best brand awareness raising while whizzing your website up in search results.

When traditional and digital PR unite magic happens. Customers climb. Sales soar. Partnerships peak. Zesting up your growth.

Our team consists of both traditional and digital PR experts. Why pay two agencies when you can have the best of both worlds with us?

Why You Need Traditional PR

Traditional PR is activities which secure you media attention to increase your brand awareness.


It’s not limited to print publications. You’ll be covered online, in print, on TV, radio and on podcasts. Traditional PR shares your products, news and messaging with journalists. It will boost your brand trust, show your value and educate your customers on why they should shop with you.


Our creative and topical storytelling and black book of contacts will secure you your spot in leading publications for free.

See a traditional PR client case study.

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Why You Need Digital PR

Digital PR is using creative and data-led campaigns to secure backlinks and brand mentions in high-ranking websites.


Backlinks are an important KPI in digital PR as increasing linking domains to your site will help you appear higher up in search results, resulting in potential customers more easily searching for your company and words related to it. It's hugely influential and drives meaningful traffic to your site that converts.


Digital PR campaigns are usually longer, research-based campaigns that encourage journalists to link back to your website. We use data analysis and creative storytelling to dream up stories that are relevant to your brand and also tap into the newsflow.

Check out a digital PR client case study.

And what happens when you combine Digital and Traditional PR?


Magic. You'll zest up your growth.

“The coverage has been amazing - all different styles, types and publications which has been amazing for our reach and awareness. Working with Lem-uhn has had a massive impact to our web traffic, domain authority and impact with clients so it is PR with a tangible sales difference."

Meg Murray Jones - CEO - Postpartum Plan

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