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Lem-uhn introduces Wellness Days to prioritise self-care

Updated: Apr 29

With the January blues in full swing, Lem-uhn is pleased to announce the introduction of two Wellness Days which employees can take annually with just a day's notice. Each year the third Monday of January, referred to as ‘Blue Monday’, is dubbed the gloomiest day of the year but we want to brighten up these days by introducing Wellness Days for employees so they can spend time doing whatever makes them feel good.

In addition to the usual holiday allowance and menstrual leave, staff will also now accrue two Wellness Days each year which can be taken at just a day's notice for anything from a much-needed day in bed to a gym class or spa day. We aim to have a positive impact on the well-being of the team so that we can continue to produce high-quality results for our clients.

It’s reported that Seasonal Affective Disorder affects two million people in the UK due to the dark, cold days in the winter. While it can be difficult to continue with daily tasks in the winter, months taking time for self-care is the best way to stay on track and positive throughout this time.

Consumer interest in ‘Blue Monday’ has been increasing suggesting people like to have a name for the seasonal mood dip felt in January. Residents of Cheshire, Lancashire and North Yorkshire have shown the most interest in the topic.


The top UK regions searching for ‘Blue Monday’


Handforth, Cheshire


Edenfield, Lancashire


​Hambleton, North Yorkshire


Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire


​Hove, East Sussex


​Stretford, Greater Manchester


​Wick, Caithness


​Radcliffe, Greater Manchester

For those feeling blue this January, Lem-uhn recommends some of their favourite feel-good activities.

Kirby Hay, PR Assistant: “I always feel good after laughing with my friends so I always make time for a catch-up with friends and family”

Riannon Palmer, Managing Director: “I love getting outside while it’s still light in the day for a walk and I also love getting an endorphin hit at the gym.”

Sofia Leadbetter, Account Manager: “I’m a big fan of switching off and getting lost in a good book! I also love listening to a podcast and heading out for a brisk walk in nature.”

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