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Lem-uhn turns one

Updated: Apr 29

A year ago, Lem-uhn was born to showcase that a happier type of agency could flourish without needing to harm employees' mental health - the way the PR industry has been operating for decades. 12 months later we have proven that there is a better way for PR agencies to work, while still delivering incredible results for clients.

Our employees work their set hours only - something that should be a given but unfortunately in the PR industry, it’s not. We’ve also experienced fun team wellness activities from exercise classes to puppy yoga. At Lem-uhn, we also streamline our admin to ensure junior employees are given the opportunity to flourish and aren’t stuck in spreadsheets all day.

As a company, we aim to have a positive effect on the world. By working with brands that are helping to make people’s lives easier and happier our work is making the world a better place. In our first few months, we secured some amazing clients that have continued with us as they’ve seen our work grow their brands. We love hearing that working with us has improved our clients' SEO, increased their sales and led to inbound opportunities.

We have gone from strength to strength with our revenue increasing 192% over the past six months. Over the year, we have worked with 16 clients on long-term retainers and projects and delivered billions of pounds worth of advertising for them.

Our team growth has been hugely exciting as we’ve gone from me working from home with my sister’s dog as my only colleague to a team of four, plus several more canine colleagues. Over the year, the Lem-uhn HQ has moved from my kitchen table to a co-working space, to a compact but wonderful four-person office in Camden to a beautiful new large office in Angel to support us as we expand. We’ve begun making the new space our own with more orders on the way.

Year two is looking bright with several exciting opportunities on the horizon, team growth and continuing to show that a strong performing agency doesn’t need to impact employees' mental health.

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