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Looking back on 2022

Updated: Jul 8

With the Christmas holidays now just days away it feels like a great time to reflect on the past twelve months. 2022 has been an incredibly exciting time for me and everyone at Lem-uhn. The past year has seen us grow our team, upgrade our office, proliferate our client base and increase our monthly revenue by 74% from the first financial year to the second.

Alongside all of this, there are other achievements that I am particularly proud of. What better way to mark the end of the year than by shining the spotlight on them?

Securing standout results for our clients

For every PR, landing new media coverage is what makes them tick! At Lem-uhn we love the feeling of sharing new coverage with our clients and over the past year, I’ve felt very proud of our results.

As we kicked off 2022 we partnered with Lay-Z-Spa - the UK’s most 5-star reviewed hot tub brand. Our task was to grow the company’s presence in the media along with improving SEO and sales. Already a household name to many, Lay-Z-Spa still came up against competition from several other brands. Within the first three months of working together, we had successfully begun to ensure a continuous media presence. During this time we secured over 500 pieces of coverage which had a total reach of over 1.7 billion. Crucially, over 90% of these articles also contained a backlink to the company’s website which helped to drive website traffic and boost Lay-Z-Spa’s SEO rankings.

We also continued our work with affordable home and garden, fitness and outdoor activity brands Christow, Core Balance and Trail Outdoor Leisure. As B2C retailers, SEO is a key priority for all three companies as they are always looking for new ways to reach their target consumers. As a result of our PR retainer, we helped to double Christow’s Domain Authority and facilitate a 456% increase to followed linking domains for Trail Outdoor Leisure. We also ensured that Core Balance saw a 565% spike to followed external links.

Bringing our positive ethos to life

With most of us spending one-third of our lives at work, it’s never been more important to work somewhere that makes you happy. Before joining Lem-uhn, this hadn’t been something that I’d given much thought to. After a year at the company, I can safely say that I’ve found an employer that is truly committed to providing a happier type of place to work. Not only does Lem-uhn take steps to reduce stress and streamline tasks, but the business also makes sure that all employees work their set hours only. This year has seen Lem-uhn introduce two ‘wellness days’ into our workplace policy which can be taken with only a full day’s notice. In addition, we’ve announced a Menstrual Policy which guarantees flexible working options if any of our team experience debilitating menstruation and menopause symptoms or a miscarriage. As a female worker who has experienced the benefits of wellness initiatives on my mental health, I’m pleased to work for a company that recognises the importance of these areas.

In 2022 Lem-uhn has also continued to encourage fun, endorphin-filled activities for the whole team. This summer I was really excited to visit a waterpark after a shortlist of options went to a company vote. Everyone had a lot of fun on the obstacle courses and plans are currently underway for the next few socials in 2023!

New year, new opportunities

As the new year dawns, I’m looking forward to what 2023 has in store. We’re all set to continue working with existing clients as well as bringing new household names and startups on board. We will also be expanding our team as we take on new projects and provide a more global offering for clients. Make sure you watch this space for all this and more!

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