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Why you’re not securing press coverage

Updated: Apr 29

One of the major KPIs of PR is press coverage. It has the power to educate your target audience leading to a long-term increase in customers and sales. If you're lacking in relevant press coverage, then your PR strategy may be damaging your results.

Sales-focused content

PR is not advertising. You can’t put out content focused purely on selling your products. We secure our place in high-ranking publications because we know what journalists want to write about and we craft stories that fit into this with clever messaging that sells our clients.

Journalists usually write about what the public is speaking about. Your PR needs to tap into this public discourse.

PR never sleeps

There’s a reason the PR industry has a bad reputation for working employees to the bone and a lack of work/life balance. PR needs to be always on. PRs need to be available to journalists at any time as your timing could be the difference between landing a spot in The Times or another company gaining a place.

Since the pandemic, PR has become even more reactive. A company that isn’t a household name can land a feature in the nationals if they share insight on something that is extremely topical. Your PR strategy needs to include a reactive approach. You also need an always-on talented team of professionals to do this so nothing is missed.

But PR companies don’t need to let their employee's mental health take a hit to do this. Agencies should ensure employees aren’t on too many accounts for one person. PR content should also be conclusive with links to anything a journalist may require.


No one wants to hear it but your content may be boring. We are all at risk of being too involved with our company to be able to be unbiased. Something that may be interesting to you, may not be interesting to a journalist and in turn their readers. Journalists are writing for their target readers. To secure a place in a media title you need to know who a title’s target demographic is and ensure your stories are tailored for them.

Hypebae’s young female contemporary demographic will be keen to hear about a new sex toy recycling scheme. While Welsh readers of WalesOnline will want to hear a feel-good story from a local mum.

If you’re failing to secure relevant PR coverage, you can book a free PR Strategy Audit with us. We’ll analyse your strategy and suggest how it could be optimised.


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