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Lem-uhn becomes the first PR agency in the UK to launch a Work From Anywhere scheme

Updated: Apr 29

A laptop in front of the sea in Bali

Lem-uhn was born out of necessity. PR agencies have long struggled with a poor public relations image, an image that’s come from poor work cultures. Too many PR agencies prioritise profits over people and the types of clients they work with.

When I launched Lem-uhn, I set out to create a better type of agency. When we launched in 2021, this looked like a hybrid work set-up, carbon offsetting our company and team’s impact on the environment, 25 days of holiday plus a company shutdown over Christmas, a dog-friendly office and employees working their set hours only, which is almost unheard of in PR.

Since then, we’ve introduced more ways to encourage a happier team and work culture. Now, we have core hours 9 am - 3 pm to fit with the best times for pitching but to give our team flexibility to work when is best for them. Our team is remote-first which means people can work from wherever is best for them but still enjoy regular team meet-ups for personal team connections. I learnt that not everyone is going to be able to fit into a traditional office set-up and being remote first can encourage a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Last year, we introduced a Menstrual Policy which means employees can have a flexible work setup and up to 10 days of leave annually for severe period or menopause symptoms or after a pregnancy loss. At the start of this year, we introduced two Wellness Days annually for last-minute days off for mental health or de-stressing.

Now, I am pleased to announce the latest step we’re taking to create a happier agency. We are becoming the first UK-based PR agency to introduce a Work From Anywhere scheme.

It was the one benefit both employees and potential employees asked for above anything else. The data backs this up as searches for ‘work from anywhere’ peaked at the highest in the past five years in August 2023 with a 669% increase compared to the same period in July 2023. The spike occurred in the week from 6th - 12th August. During this period, Zoom announced it would be requiring its employees to return to the office. The drawbacks to freedoms employees gained in the pandemic are being drastically reduced. Workers are looking for companies that align with their values and prioritise their happiness.

Our Work From Anywhere policy allows employees to work outside the United Kingdom for 45 days per year. Employees are permitted to work in any country where the United Kingdom has a double taxation agreement.

Travel builds key PR skills. By allowing our employees to work from anywhere in the world, we are not only building a happier team but a better one. Creativity, relationship building, problem solving and organisation are key skills in public relations. A happier mind, adventure and experiencing cultures provide the perfect opportunity to feed our employee's creativity. The vibrant range of people our team will meet and the challenges they will have to overcome along the way will help them to become better PR professionals for our clients. Organising a travel itinerary and navigating through a new country and language will support our employees in juggling multiple clients and actions to improve their performance at work.

Happiness looks different for everyone. More companies need to build with their team’s happiness in mind. Happier employees deliver better results.

We are currently hiring. Prospective candidates can view available positions and apply here. If there is not an opening for a relevant position, you can share your CV and we will contact you if a suitable position opens up.

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