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What does a PR agency do & how can they help elevate your brand?

Updated: Apr 29

PR agencies are the unsung architects behind the seamless communication strategies that elevate brands - but what services and strategies can they provide, and what do businesses need to consider when working with a PR agency?

What Is a PR Agency?

PR agencies, distinct from in-house PRs, collaborate externally with various clients. They can focus on a specific niche, such as tech or beauty, or some choose to specialise in B2C or B2B brands. 

At Lem-uhn, our commitment lies in working with purpose-led brands across various sectors, where we seek to redefine the narrative around PR. Unlike the stereotype of PR as a protective mechanism, we believe in its potential to be a force for positive change.

Working with a PR Agency 

Before hiring a PR agency, some things first need to be considered. Firstly, who is your target audience? Identifying the demographics, preferences, and behaviours of your audience helps tailor communication strategies to resonate more deeply. Additionally, understanding where your audience consumes information, both online and offline, enables a more precise approach.

Secondly, what are the unique challenges and aspirations of your audience? Recognising the challenges or aspirations of your audience allows for the development of a successful strategy. 

Lastly, what sets your brand apart? Clarifying your brand's unique value proposition and differentiators provides the foundation for crafting a compelling narrative.

It’s vital to be realistic about what goals you want to achieve with a PR agency. For new brands especially, building brand awareness can take some time in the beginning. In the initial stages, establishing a brand presence demands strategic planning and consistent efforts.

What Services Can a PR Agency Provide For Your Business?

  • Strategic Storytelling: This is the art of crafting compelling narratives through press releases and pitches that resonate with audiences and align with the brand's purpose. Additionally, it entails a keen eye toward the media landscape, identifying opportune moments to both create and respond to stories.

  • Crisis Management: Another service that a PR agency can provide is in navigating challenges and turning potential crises into opportunities for positive brand reinforcement.

  • Media Relations: This involves building and maintaining strong relationships with the media to ensure accurate and favourable coverage. This is a fundamental aspect of PR, as it relies on earned coverage, as opposed to paid. 

  • Community Engagement: PR supports community building and growth. A key example is influencer collaborations and partnerships, which in today’s modern age, are particularly helpful in elevating brand awareness. 

  • Backlink building: Digital PR focuses on building links to high-ranking websites to improve a client’s domain authority and hence where it will appear in search rankings.

At Lem-uhn, our focus is on purpose-led brands that seek to make a positive impact. We understand that authenticity is the cornerstone of effective PR, and our team is dedicated to crafting narratives that align with the core values of our clients. By championing purpose, we aim to redefine the perception of PR and show that a positive PR agency can be the best PR agency in the UK.

We have limited client capacity for Q1 2024, get in touch with us to book a free PR Strategy Audit.

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