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The Positive PR Revolution: PR jobs in the UK with the best benefits

Updated: Apr 29

At Lem-uhn, we're redefining the conventional PR agency model. Traditionally, agencies have followed a rigid office-centric approach, with expectations of working overtime. However, studies show that this often leads to high levels and stress among professionals. The stats are alarming, yet not surprising - 91% of PRs reported experiencing mental health struggles within the past year, compared to 65% for the general working population. This isn’t a sudden trend, the annual PRCA survey shares the same results annually.

At Lem-uhn, we believe in a different approach, one that prioritises positivity, flexibility, and employee well-being, challenging the norms of our industry.

Positive PR: The Lem-uhn Way

Being part of a positive PR agency isn't limited to cultivating relationships with positive-minded clients; it extends to ensuring that our team members are happy in their roles. We've made it our mission to prove that the typical 9-5 job doesn't have to be dull, nor should it be the boss of your life! PR, like other industries, can evolve to meet the changing needs and expectations of its workforce.

Remote First

In 2021, when we founded Lem-uhn, we initially adopted a hybrid working model, allowing our employees to choose their office days. However, after two years, we decided to pivot towards becoming a remote-first company, with quarterly in-person team meetings. This shift has allowed us to connect with talent from all corners of the country. We understand that the traditional office doesn't fit everyone's work style, and remote working accommodates diverse preferences and requirements.

Flexible Hours

Our working days are 9 AM to 5.30 PM, with core hours between 9 AM and 3 PM, giving our team members the flexibility to schedule work around personal commitments. A survey from PRCA discovered this to be the second most important employee perk for PRs, with 61% reporting that they’d like the choice to flex their hours. This approach recognises that life is more than just the time spent at work, and it supports a work-life balance that fosters happiness and job satisfaction.

Work from Anywhere

In a world that's increasingly interconnected, we recently passed a policy that allows our employees to work from countries where the United Kingdom has a double tax agreement for up to 45 days per year. This enables our team members to experience different cultures and lifestyles while still contributing to our agency's goals. The rise in popularity of working from anywhere in the world reflects a growing trend among professionals who seek a more dynamic and globally inclusive work environment.

Wellness Days

We recognise the importance of prioritising mental health and well-being, especially in an industry that often doesn’t. As part of our positive approach in PR, we grant all employees two Wellness Days per year, which can be taken with just a day’s notice. This emphasises our commitment to a workplace that is not only productive but also genuinely caring about the health and happiness of our team members.

The Future of Positive PR

At Lem-uhn, we offer a fresh perspective on how a PR agency can promote positivity, well-being, and flexibility for its employees. This approach not only benefits our employees but also enhances our capabilities by enabling us to attract top talent from across the country. We wholeheartedly believe that when employees are happy, they produce their best work.

Our forward-thinking policies demonstrate that the PR industry can adapt to modern expectations, ultimately driving success through a more positive, flexible, and inclusive work culture. It's a win-win for Lem-uhn, our employees, and the future of public relations!

If you’d like to join our team, you can see our open roles here.

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