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Unveiling the Best and Worst FTSE 100 Companies for Working Parents in 2024

Updated: Apr 29

A family playing. A woman is on the left side holding the baby in the middle with the father on right gently pulling the babies ears.

We have put together a comprehensive analysis of FTSE 100 companies which reveals the varying degrees of support offered to working parents in 2024. The study focuses on maternity, paternity, and adoption leave policies, as well as additional benefits geared towards fostering a family-friendly work environment. Among the companies scrutinized, insurance giant Aviva emerges as the top performer.

Aviva: A Beacon of Support for Working Parents

Aviva takes the lead in the study, scoring a perfect 10 across maternity, paternity, and adoption leave policies. The insurance giant sets an exemplary standard by providing employees with six months of full pay for all three types of leave. In addition to this, Aviva goes above and beyond by offering unique benefits such as half a day of additional leave for parents to support their child's first day at a new school. The company also implements caring commitment policies, including pro-rated, paid leave, urgent time off for dependents, and up to three months of unpaid leave.

The Best FTSE 100 Companies For Maternity and Paternity Leave

A list of the best FTSE 100 companies for maternity and paternity leave

Industry Breakdown: Financial Services Leads in Family-Friendly Policies

The study reveals that financial services companies excel in family-friendly policies, with 30% of them ranking in the top 10. Natwest Group PLC stands out as the front-runner in this sector, showcasing the industry's commitment to comprehensive parental leave policies.

We are an advocate for happy workplaces, and we see the importance of robust parental leave policies as essential investments in the workforce of tomorrow. Companies like Aviva, leading by example, understand that supporting parents not only promotes the health and well-being of employees and their families but also cultivates a culture of loyalty and productivity, building the foundation for a more inclusive and sustainable workplace in the FTSE 100.

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