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Lem-uhn Introduces Flexible Friday Policy to Promote Work-Life Balance

Updated: Apr 29

A set of scrabble letters depicting the words 'Friday Baby'

We’re proud to announce our latest workplace policy, Flexible Fridays. With 91% of PR professionals struggling with their mental health and PR being named as one of the most stressful industries to work in, this new policy comes as a way to combat these issues and to help foster a positive workplace culture and enhance employee well-being. 

The new Flexible Friday Policy means that employees are granted the option to choose their working hours on Fridays, allowing them to finish early or work extended hours earlier in the week to accommodate a shorter day or a complete day off at the end of the week. Similarly to the 4-day working week, this approach is designed to offer staff greater flexibility and control over their work-life balance, recognising and acknowledging the team’s needs and preferences. 

As an agile PR agency, Lem-uhn prides itself on its always-on press approach, with members of the team always available on hand for PR emergencies, or to jump on the latest news story. Flexible Fridays give Lem-uhn employees the flexibility and freedom of the 4-day working week, while always making sure someone is covering the press office on Fridays for clients. 

The introduction of Flexible Fridays follows Lem-uhn’s other workplace policies, such as our menstrual, menopause, and miscarriage leave policy, along with our Work From Anywhere policy. These initiatives collectively represent the agency's broader mission to challenge traditional work norms and set new standards for employee care and support in the industry. In addition, we’ve recently been recognised as Corporate Vision’s Employee Mental Health Champion of the Year 2024 for our commitment to flexible and supportive workplace policies. 

To support our team in every possible way, we recognise the need for greater flexibility. The Flexible Friday Policy is more than just a benefit; it's a reflection of our understanding and respect for our employees' personal time and commitments outside of work. 

We believe that by giving our team the freedom to manage their schedules, we're not only enhancing their job satisfaction but also driving productivity and creativity in our projects.

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