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Why you’re struggling to attract new customers

Updated: Apr 29

Attracting new shoppers to purchase from your brand is one of the most important tasks for marketing teams. It’s a struggle for brands now more than ever as consumers are tightening their budgets and spending less. You can be investing millions of pounds into your marketing but if it’s not the right strategy you could be losing millions of potential customers.

Not reaching your target customers

You can be putting out fantastic marketing campaigns, but they must be seen by the right people. Before adopting your marketing strategy, ensure you know exactly who your target customer is. A good marketing strategy should know how to reach them. With your press approach, you need to be featured in the media your ideal customer consumes. However, you should also be in the media that those in their zone of influence consume. WOM marketing is hugely powerful. If you can influence not only your target customers but those who influence them this is significantly more likely to transfer into a sale.

Your marketing is focused on one area

Ensuring you're targeting the right customers doesn’t mean your approach should be limited. People need to see something many times before making a purchase. In the 1930s, it was thought that seven times was the magic number. But in the 1930s, there weren’t as many products competing for consumers’ attention. Now we have millions of adverts targeting consumers each day. Your messaging needs to be targeting all parts of a potential customer’s day, week, month and year. At Lem-uhn, we use a 360-POV to tailor our media strategy to ensure your ideal customer is consuming your messaging in all the media they consume.

Your marketing strategy as a whole needs to have consistent messaging. It needs to be reaching shoppers through adverts, social media, SEO and influencers to name a few.

Not positioning yourself as an authority

The last big spend I made was for a series of three facials. I went for a consultation and within thirty minutes I made a somewhat impulsive purchase which is out of character for me. Why? The woman began speaking about the different epidermis layers of my skin using big scientific words. She showed she was an expert. She also showed me evidence. By showing me before and after images I felt that I was guaranteed to have a similar result. Did I need a series of three facials? No, not at all. But the woman showed her expertise and proved the value she would deliver me.

Why the person showcasing your value matters

Showing me before and afters convinced me of the value. I am suspicious of before and afters usually, I know better lighting, not smiling as much and so on could completely transform the way a person looks. However, in this case, the expert showing me convinced me. This is why it matters so much who is telling you how valuable something is. Any brand can tell consumers that their product is valuable, however, having an outside trusted source do it is much more impactful.

If this resonates with you, you can book a free PR Strategy Audit with us. We’ll analyse your strategy and suggest how it could be optimised.

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