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Why we need a Positive PR revolution

Updated: Apr 29

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Positive PR is the Gen Z younger sibling of PR. It cares about people, the planet and its impact. Positive PR is when a public relations strategy prioritises positive practices and positioning. A Positive PR agency must uphold the highest standards of ethical behaviours and practices. It's been trending in recent years with more companies wanting to work with ethical partners that position them in the best light.

A rising number of companies are publicly committing to ethical and sustainable practices. 1,500 companies in the UK have gone through an extensive process to become a B Corp company. This means they’re required to work with similar-minded partners. Many of these companies want to show the world including its customers that it is committed to building a better world.

Why a Positive PR Revolution is needed

91% of PR professionals experienced mental health struggles in the past year, compared to 65% for the general working population. This isn’t a sudden trend. The annual PRCA survey shares the same results annually. Almost a third (27%) of UK PR professionals work unpaid extra hours every day compared to 12% of British workers according to a study from Ginger Research.

The service business model means companies benefit from having fewer employees working more hours. But PR professionals are burnt out.

At Lem-uhn, we believe that happier employees do the best work. The research shows we’re right. A recent study by Opinium interviewed workers across the UK and Europe. It found that when the workers reported negative feelings such as exhaustion, frustration and anxiety they were less productive. Businesses with positive work cultures will be rewarded with greater productivity.

The PR industry is a massive supporter of companies harming our society or environment. A recent report by Clean Creatives found that 294 PR and advertising agencies work for the fossil fuel industry. The PR industry needed a cultural and partnership revolution.

Lem-uhn was created due to the urgent need for a positive type of agency.

How we’re building a better world

At launch in 2021, we introduced practices that would encourage a positive working environment for employees. The PR industry is known for long working hours and a high stress level. From its inception, Lem-uhn took a stand with employees working their set hours only. Furthermore, we had a flexible approach and hybrid office model, provided 25 days of holiday plus a company shutdown over Christmas and a pet-friendly office.

Since then, we have introduced several policies to create a happier work environment that encourages positive mental wellness. Now, we have core hours 9 am - 3 pm to fit with the best times for pitching but to give our team flexibility to work when is best for them. Our team is remote-first which means people can work from wherever is best for them but still enjoy regular team meet-ups for personal team connections. I learnt that not everyone is going to be able to fit into a traditional office set-up and being remote first can encourage a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Last year, we introduced a Menstrual Policy which means employees can have a flexible work setup and up to 10 days of leave annually for severe period or menopause symptoms or after a pregnancy loss. At the start of this year, we introduced two Wellness Days annually for last-minute days off for mental health or de-stressing. In September, we introduced a Work From Anywhere Policy allowing employees to work in a country with a double tax agreement with the UK for up to 45 days annually. Our business insurance has increased, but we feel the investment in the team’s happiness is worth the cost.

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